A Jill of all trades…

My daughter always tells me this is better than being the master of one.  I’m not so sure.  It would be nice to narrow my interests and be really good at something.  I am doomed to be a scatterbrain.  It seems like almost everything that I try, I enjoy.  I have lost count of my hobbies.  I definitely don’t have time for them all.  Even if I quit my job and focused solely on the ones I enjoy, I wouldn’t have time for them all.  I don’t understand the people that get bored.  Bored? What’s that?  Don’t you want to go hiking, foraging, fishing, knit, play games, write, read, play with your dogs, take a class, camp, kayak, garden, cook, bake, work out, watch a movie, travel, geocache, hang out with loved ones, sew, discover something new, bike, go shooting, or write a damn blog ALL AT ONCE?  So the latest hobby is this blog.  It’s meant to be a fun place of focus for me.  Where I can discuss the many things I enjoy and hopefully learn something new from my readers.  I’m not going to lie,  I use the term “focus” lightly.  I’ll try to stick to one topic per post, but the next post will probably be on a completely different subject. I just ask that you be patient. This is a new hobby and I’m still learning. I’m hoping it will evolve with me and not defeat me with its computer complexities.

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